Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is said to have been founded by German-American psychologist Kurt Lewin, who developed a series of change experiments for the Connecticut State Interracial Commission in 1946.

Sensitivity training is a type of emotional training that helps people develop social sensitivity and behavioral flexibility, making them understand themselves and others more reasonably. Its goal is to make people more aware of their own goals as well as their intrinsic judgements and prejudices, and to make them more sensitive to others and their needs, as well as the dynamics of group interaction. Sensitivity training encourages the development of more close-knit and efficient teams, so it is considered beneficial to organisations. Since it is often introduced following a discriminatory event, it can also help negate the adverse effects of the event and encourage a positive outcome. It is also considered to be most effective if sessions are concentrated and uninterrupted, as in several days of continuous meetings.
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