About Us

ZenGuruz offers an integrated learning platform to enable life Guruz from all walks of your life and provide seamless guidance to potential Seekers (Students) to achieve transformation in all the 7 elements crucial to your holistic life journey.

Why Zenguruz ?

* Outreach through Social Media Channels

* Innovative Lead Magnets to connect you to potential Audience

* Traffic Generation for Webinars, Masterclasses and Clarity Calls

* E Books, Self Assessments and Free Trainings to attract Seekers

* Connect with multiple coaches under your & associated specializations to learn from each other & upgrade your practice

* Connect to Subject Matter experts to enhance your coaching practice

* Irresistible offers to reduce your operating costs

* WhatsApp Marketing

* Lead Generation systems

* Automated Webinar systems

* Learning Management systems

* Coaching Meeting rooms

* Payment Gateway & collection

* Community Management

* Upselling systems

The Learning Journey